It all started when I was around ten/eleven years old. I saw a title on television “Fashion Designer” I knew just like that I wanted to be a fashion designer. I instilled that in my mind and discovered a talent sketching. With no experience at all I began sketching dresses, jackets, pants and more! From that point forward I made clothing for my teddy bears and dolls by hand sewing or hot glue. I was please that I was creating and making my vision come to life. I took my first sewing class at ten years old as a beginner, I learned the knowledge of the sewing machine and I was self taught as well. 

In 2011, I introduce my brand  TDM Clothing (Tatiana D. Myers) I started out with “fashion rocks” t-shirts. I studied at Art Insitute of Philadelphia where receive my Associates degree in Fashion Design. I launched my first collection in Spring/Summer 2015 titled Minimalist Geographic. Since then TDM Clothing has been featured in online articles, interviews (radio and live), fashion shows, featured in a magazine and more. 

With years of passion and dreams. At TDM it's our aspiration to Thrive, create Dynamic clothing and share our aspirations through Modernism. Our products are handmade with love in Philadelphia, PA.  By creating timeless clothing TDM wants to empower women through our design aesthetic. Spread love and confidence through each collection we produce. While wearing TDM we want our clientele to feel in control, strong and powerful. TDM Brand constructs feminine elegance through luxury design.