TDM Travel | Resort Collection

Tatiana MyersComment

TDM Travel | Resort Collection

Hey everyone, 

It's been a while since I wrote a post. I'm glad to be back, today I will be talking about my resort collection. Let me just tell you all about this resort journey. I had my vision all ready color scheme, fabrics, and silhouettes. However that wasn't the case (sad face) I literally had to start from scratch because my vision and fabrics store were the complete opposite. But I didn't give up I kept going to produce a collection. Day after day I was making arrangements because shoot day was coming up. I had two photoshoots back to back so I have to definitely pull everything together. That I did, at times I felt uninspired, questioning myself, and trying to make my "creative juices" to flow. 

Fast forward to the release date July 6, 2017 @ midnight. From feeling down about production, to promotion and now TDM website was live with the latest collection! 

TDM collection was inspired by travel and/or traverse. Creating classic looks that can be worn from catching a flight to being fly at arrival. Using fabrications that's lightweight and airy creating a concept with fun use of hues. Traveling to places while wearing tailored trends.

I hope you all enjoy this collection!!