Minimalist Geographic Spring/Summer 2015

Tatiana MyersComment

Minimalist Geographic Spring/Summer 2015

Minimalist Geographic is the theme for Spring/ Summer 2015. The TDM team decided to go with this because of past research, understanding structure, and color (neutrals).

Minimal :abstract art consisting primarily of simple geometric forms executed in an impersonal style. Characterized by the use of simple or primary forms especially geometric shapes.

Geometric: characterized by simple lines and shapes.

By using these two words for our theme we concluded less is more. Simplicity goes a long way, we want this collection to be timeless, make the women feel confident, and structure as it's best. Every little detail will count, don't matter if it's on the collar, sleeve, or even the shape if the garment. By having tons of inspiration we are proud to announce the collection of Spring/Summer 2015

Minimalist Geographic

Mini Geo Garments

• Sena Jumpsuit

• Cara Crop Top

• Laci Joggers

• Jodi Asymetrical Skirt

• Elle Trousers

• Mila Maxi Dress

• Zara Scallop Dress

• featuring Emma Bralette