Photoshoot| Interview

Tatiana MyersComment

Prepping for the 7016 collection I was a bit nervous before I knew it, it was time to shoot! Running around trying to make sure all the pieces were done production. Models were in TDM and the photographer was ready.  

The calm before the storm.... 

A good friend of mines Lindsey Weiner reached out to me to do a interview for a project for school as a broadcast journalism major she thought a interview with TDM will be perfect. I said why not? Let's collab. 

As the photoshoot continued, Lindsey ask me questions during the photoshoot which I thought was very cool. Multitasking at its best. I told her stories about why I wanted to be a Fashion Designer, how TDM started, what's next for TDM and so much more. I was please to be part of Lindsey school project. 

A week later I asked Ms. Weiner what did she receive on her project. With BTS 7016 photoshoot pictures, an interview, and just linking up for creating. She receive an A!!!!!  

Check out TDM interview below.