7016 A/W Collection

Tatiana MyersComment

7016 is an idea I had since last year, when I came across this vision I just knew I had to create! So many people asked what is 7016? 7016 is two eras combined into one to make classic, modern, upscale clothing. I was so inspired by the 70's era and by living in the 21st century it was only right to pay homage to both eras. I was definitely inspired the 70's fashion, style, and most importantly the icons. Doing research on the 70's made it my vison come to life even more! Mostly people think of the hippies when talking about the 70's. But, for this collection I was inspired but made it my own. This collection consist of belled sleeves, turtleneck (choker design), tailored wide leg trousers, and more.

7016 luxe womenswear offers high quality fabrics and design aesthetics. The hues of the collection was one of my favorites to select. I wanted my color story to have the fall aspects, but trend colors as the the climate transfer to another season.  

Each product that's produce in the 7016 collection is great for layering from outerwear to cutout jumpsuits. 

I hope you all enjoy this collection as much I did designing this collection!